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I have always felt a deep connection to nature and the outdoors and my work is centered on photographing the natural world around me. I believe a strong connection to nature is crucial and that it gives us a love and appreciation of the beauty we’re surrounded by, letting us know that we’re part of creation and one with all of life. The natural world around us has much to teach us if we are open to hearing it.

Contributing Photographer – The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Their mission is to put as many beautiful photographs of nature as possible in as many hospitals and medical facilities as possible throughout the world. Proud to be a contributing artist.

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The focus is centered on Intentional Camera Movement in this collection, which is always unpredictable in its results and yet so attractive when you get the result you saw in your mind. The movement creates forms, vivid colors and textures that take on a life of their own.
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RDE Fine Art Photo the healing power of Nature
Atlantic Ocean


A new body of work centered on mandalas which are embedded in floral photographs. Positive imagery has been shown to create a more peaceful, uplifting environment, helping us focus on what we’re grateful for and create the life we desire.
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About RDE Photography - spiritual and healing fine art photos with mandalas

Nature’s Beauty

A collection of fine art photographs that honor the exquisite beauty of flowers. Being around flowers adds a tremendous sense of joy to life. The colors are brilliant and the patterns and intricacies are amazing. All shot with a macro lens, a world emerges that the normal sight cannot fathom.
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nature's beauty a collection of fine art flower photographs
Nature’s Beauty


Being near the ocean is always an exhilarating experience, especially as the sun rises or sets. At these times of day, the light is golden and the sounds of birds, frogs and other creatures penetrate the air. A sense of peace, a magical feeling like no other, to roam the shores and watch the sun rise and set. To be part of a vast cosmos and realize our oneness with Nature and the world.
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The Dunes fine art landscape photograph shot at sunrise
The Dunes

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