The Artist

The Artist: I have always felt a deep connection to nature and the outdoors because I believe nature teaches us the biggest lessons. My work is centered on photographing the natural world around me, as a result. I believe a strong connection to nature is crucial because it gives us a love and appreciation of the beauty we’re surrounded by. I feel nature makes us aware that we are part of creation and one with all of life. As a result, it has much to teach us if we are open to hearing it. But first, we must becpme aware of our connection to nature in order to hear its message.

The artist, Renata, chose to be a Contributing Photographer for The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Their mission is to put as many beautiful photographs of nature as possible in as many hospitals and medical facilities as possible throughout the world. And that is why I’m proud to be a contributing artist.

The artist at RDE fine art photography pictured here as a self portrait using a fisheye lens.

The Artist on Abstract

I love abstract imagery. The Abstract Collection is centered on Intentional Camera Movement which I love using, but it is always unpredictable in its results and yet so attractive when you get the result I saw in my own mind. I love the way the movement creates forms, vivid colors and textures that take on a life of their own.
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A stunning abstract image of a landscape. taken at the Atlantic Ocean at sunset.
Atlantic Ocean


I wanted to create a series of images here that were spiritual in nature. Each image has a hand drawn mandala embedded in it that I drew, with a message that speaks about the Laws of the Universe. I believe it’s vitally important that I am in harmony with natural laws.
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this stunning image is of an orange lily with a healing mandala embedded in the photo.

The Artist on Nature’s Beauty

I shot this set of images because I wanted to honor the exquisite beauty of flowers. I find being around flowers adds a tremendous sense of joy to my life. Their colors are brilliant and the patterns and intricacies are amazing. I shot all of the images here with a macro lens, because a world emerges that normal sight cannot fathom.
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This is an image of an orange lily with movement in the image.
Nature’s Beauty

The Artist on the Coastline

I live on the east coast of the United States and travel to the Atlantic Ocean as of often as possible because I love being in the ocean air. I go to the ocean is to photograph sunrise and sunset, because I find these times of day the most beautiful when it comes to light and color.
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The artist shot an image of sand dunes in Sandy Hook, NJ. The sand grasses appear red in the early morning sun.
The Dunes

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