Fleeting Glimpse

Fleeting Glimpse – What makes photography so appealing to me is its ability to capture glimpses of something that pass rather quickly. Whether it’s the light or a feeling, you know when you see it that you just have to catch it on film. We were driving back from Kauneonga Lake in Sullivan County, New York, when we happend to pass by this metal fence. In daylight, it would be just another structure, but as the sun was setting, it took on a magical glow and I had to stop the car to capture some images.

Fleeting Glimpse is a photo I shot coming into white lake in Sullivan Co. NY
Coming into White Lake
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Fleeting Glimpse: I shot this image in Sullivan County, NY. It is a beautiful place to visit. There are lots of good restaurants and it’s home to the Bethel Arts Center. During summer, there are a lot of concerts, although with the coronavirus, most events have cancelled or postponed.