New Releases

One Day at the Lake

New Releases: I shot this series of images during the COVID pandemic. I will have a link to the full collection soon. Being unable to go out into the world got me focused on the area where I live. The lake in our community provided my husband and I with peace and we went down almost every evening as the sun was setting. Each day was different and it was a unique experience to return to the same place day after day to be able to see something you didn’t see before.

One Day at the Lake a series of photographs taken during the COVID pandemic at sunset.
May 2nd, 2020 8:14 pm

New Releases: Recent collections of images that I added to the gallery.

New Releases Macro Ornament 1 fine art color photograph macro lens
Ornament i

New Releases: Macro

I shot all of these images with a macro lens to capture tiny details and small worlds within bigger worlds not often visible to the naked eye. I love working with the macro lens because you get to hone in on important details and create a blurred background.

new releases formations fine art photography


I shot this collection of images to focus on the intricacies of nature. I love the forms and patterns one finds when one takes the time to discover them. Most of these were shot during the winter months when the ice formed under tree roots and on the Delaware River.


New Releases Mandala Photographs fine art photographs and spiritual mandala drawings

Mandala Photographs

I created this collection of images which have mandala drawings embedded in them. They will create a feeling of beauty and peace, suitable for your home, office, or commercial space. My desire was to make them more spiritual in nature.

Exciting News: I wrote a book with my husband, first time either of us have done anything like it. It is a fiction novel based on the true events surrounding my brother’s untimely death, under mysterious circumstances. We published in on April 21, 2020 and it is now an International Best Seller on Amazon. Pick up your copy today! It’s all about living your dreams and redeeming your life!